09 March 2009

The Scaffolding of St. Stephen

Considered how much is reported in the blogosphere about New York construction, it's surprising that next to nothing has been said yet about the two-month-plus-old work on the 133-year-old steeple at Carroll Gardens' Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary–St. Stephen Church.

Scaffolding has been hugging the tall spire since the winds turned chilly last fall, and, even in the worst weather, tiny figures of men can be seen scaling its vertigo-inspiring heights. Brave souls. I wouldn't want the job, not if it paid $100 an hour. Not sure how much work needs to be done. Roof tiles are obviously missing from the steeple, and it's always appeared to be a little tilty to me (there's no doubt that the cross on top needs to be set aright). The structure was built in 1875 by my personal favorite forgotten architect, Patrick C. Keely.

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