16 March 2009

Is This Any Way to Welcome Passover!?

The landmark (with a small "l") Streit's Matzo Factory is again on the block, notes Curbed, and just weeks before Passover. Oh, the bitter irony.

The property, put up for sale last year, was yanked from the market two months ago. Now it's again up for sale. It's got a new broker, Halstead, but the same asking price, $25 mil. Say goodbye to another vestige of the old Lower East Side.


Anonymous said...

There is an article in the current issue of EDIBLE MANHATTAN about the factory. When it was written, they sounded like they were going to be there for a while. I guess it depends. Well, at least I can run over and get farfel in time for Passover.

Anonymous said...

Streits ... for the unleavened experience of a lifetime!