17 March 2009

South Brooklyn Espresso Drought Over

I was kvetching just last week about the difficulty in finding a good espresso in either Carroll Gardens or Cobble Hill. That was true then. It is not true, however, this week.

I was directed by a couple savvy coffee drinkers to get myself to Coffee Peddlar, the collaboration between the Frankies 457 restaurant guys and Stumptown on Court and Warren. And, ladies and gentlemen, we have espresso. Dark and meaty and with an acceptable crema on top. Not perfection. But very good. ($2.25)

The vibe of the sparely decorated place is laid back and friendly, but be forewarned: the heavily tattooed baristas take their work very seriously. In other words, they are slooooowwwww. These are artists, bub, and it's one coffee at a time. Ya want speed? There's a Dunkin' Donuts down the road. But it's worth it when you see what designer magic they can do with the froth on a cappuccino.


M. V. said...

very good to know... i was in that area yesterday and settled into a french-esque bakery for a double and a chocolate croissant, i had to chuck the espresso after a sip...

D Bob said...

Thank God. I've been complaining about the very same thing to my friends who don't care. I'm definitely going to have to try this. Easier than heading out to my old neghborhood's place (Southside).