31 March 2009

Now Playing at the 84th Street Corner Deli!

I find the appearance of this Upper East Side deli to be bizarre.

Nothing inside is unusual. It's your run-of-the-mill neighborhood deli. But what's the story with the...well, I can only call it a marquee. This shop has the biggest, most imposing signage in delidom. Surely this space must have been something else in a previous life—maybe a movie theatre—because why else have that thing cantilevered ten feet out over the sidewalk? Certainly not only to protect patrons who get caught in the rain.

One other peculiar thing about the sign. The "S" in "St." is so much bigger than the numbers in "84th" that, upon first glance, I thought the deli had been named after an obscure religious figure named "St. Corner."

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