24 March 2009

Dumb Move in Sheepshead Bay

The New York Post found out why the developers of Sheepshead Bay's landmark Lundy's restaurant started taking a pick-ax to the exterior a while back. Because they were idiots!

The team behind the Cherry Hill Gourmet Restaurant and Market to open in Lundy's has finally revealed why it ripped up part of the historic building's exterior - it didn't know the building was landmarked.

Apparently, the architect hired for the project never checked city records.

"Our architect did not do that," project manager Anthony Kelley told residents at last week's Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association meeting, which was held in the famed Emmons Avenue building.

As a result, workers replaced the concrete in front of the building with small, colored tiles and installed a black iron railing near Lundy's main entrance.

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Anonymous said...

I was there at the meeting. Some time after, I read an article that mentioned Anthony Kelley said he didn't know the building was landmarked. I was truly surprised to hear this report, because I heard almost every word he said and I don't recall hearing that bit of information. I will need to check with others who were at the meeting. In the meantime, you can check out our post highlighting some of the details of the meeting.