29 March 2009

The Pepaw Candy Store Revealed

The Shreeji Deli, at the Carroll Gardens corner of Court and 1st, recently got a new awning. In taking the old awning down, the store reminded the neighborhood of the former occupant of the space. On the 1st Street side of the store, one can clearly see the outlines of letters spelling "Pepaw." This was once, in fact, the Pepaw Candy Store, a local hangout for the kids back in the day. Under the Court Street awning, you can see more faded letters, though they're not as clear.

Before it was Pepaw's, it was another candy store called Sergie's. (This location was always a candy store of some sort, apparently.) There was a guy named Peter who made fantastic egg creams there, so I'm told.

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sue said...

They were one of the only places with video games (except for a cafe across the street that had video games outside, now a florist) hence the hanging out...