24 March 2009

Bloomberg=Popeye, Without the Charm

From City Room:

Asked Tuesday afternoon why so many New Yorkers did not find him warm, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg told reporters, “I’m not big on psychoanalysis.”

On Tuesday morning, in a new poll from Quinnipiac University, Mr. Bloomberg was given high marks for job performance but was perceived by New Yorkers as cold and unable to relate to their problems.

The mayor, who was in Brooklyn for an event involving wireless water meters, told reporters:

"Look, I’ve got a job to do. These are very serious times. There are no easy answers. I don’t find anything warm and fuzzy about the potential of people losing their jobs, or losing their homes. I don’t find anything warm and fuzzy about city government having to reduce expenses and find alternative revenue sources. That’s the job, and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to call them like I see ‘em. I will say that I don’t get any sense in the street of people being any less friendly than they’ve always been. I am what I am."

It is a tragedy of public will that this man still polls well. I think some New Yorkers would still say he's doing a good job if he walked around with an axe and stepped on a puppy each morning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is time for our Mayor to be defeated ,Where is he on the Subway
fare increase ? O
Of all people he alone
could use his media savvy talents
to encourage Upstate New Yorkers to
write their local politicians to
encourage them to help we poor NY city workers not get another raise
on needed public transportation.

That's just one issue let alone the
continuing sell out of our old neighborhoods to his mega building developer pals, Bloomberg seems to
be a man that gets no investigations about his Mayorship
as regards his personal association
with these NY Mega-developers as his"friends".