30 March 2009

This Was Bud & Packy's

The identity of this romantically dilapidated corner store on Richards and Coffey in Red Hook has set my curiosity on fire for a few years now. I don't know why I didn't think of turning to the South Brooklyn Network for my answer until now, but that's just what I did this past weekend. The chatters there came up the information in mere hours.

The gold-leafing of "Restaurant" in this window notwithstanding, this building housed a bar. It was called Bud & Packy's (how's that for a memorable name), a pub run by Packy Laffan and Bud Fischer. It was popular with the workers from Todd Shipyards and Sucrest Refinery.

It's been vacant at least since the 1990s. Can you believe that, according to the DOB files, this building has only had two complaints against it in its entire existence?

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