16 September 2009

86-Year-Old Ozone Park Furniture Store to Close

Sukon's, an 86-year-old family-owned children's furniture store in Ozone Park, survived the Depression, but it can't tough out the Great Recession. It will close in October, NY1 reports. There's a poignant quote in the story from the young daughter of the store's owner, who said, "I knew things were bad, but I didn't know it was going to affect me directly." Poor kid.

The store opened in 1923. It was originally located on Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, NY and is now located on Crossbay Boulevard in Ozone Park. Closing day is October 31. Goodbye, mom and pop. Hello, Kids 'r' Us.

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Toronto furniture said...

This is a pity. What a sad story of a store. I just cannot help but love this kind of shops. But now that you can buy everything in stores like IKEA, the traditional ones have no real chance to survive.