26 September 2009

Ultimate Burgers and Dogs Coming to Degraw

Chicory, the small eatery at 243 Degraw in Cobble Hill, closed in spring 2008 and space has stood empty ever since.

However, every now and then, people have been spotted inside doing things that look suspiciously like work. Now we see why. A menu in the window hails the coming of something called Ultimate Burgers and Dogs. It will serve, yes, a wide variety of burgers and hot dogs, including a "create your own" option in each category. (You choose your sauce, condiment and topping—though the lines between the three things seems a little fuzzy. Mustard is a sauce, but relish is a condiment?)

Among the dogs: New York Classic, Southern Slaw Dog, Chicago Dog, Korean BBQ Dog, Italian Sausage, etc. There's also a breakfast menu. Most intriguing from that menu: Bowl of Tots. That's a bowl of tater tots covered with whatever you want. There's nothing over $8.


A D said...

Chicory used to have some great items for vegetarians. Looks like this place will not be getting my business.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i miss the seitan tacos that Chicory had... can this new place AT LEAST have tofu dogs? why is it so hard to find healthy vegetarian food in brooklyn? very sad.