22 September 2009

What Your Mayor Is Up To

Not practicing what he preaches about food, calories and healthy eating. Why should he? Those dictum, like term limits, were meant for the little people, not him. [NY Times]

Forgetting who his running makes are on the Republican ticket. [NY Daily News]

Not getting the support of the firefighters' union. [Queens Crap]

Pretending to disapprove of the new MTA chief's huge pay package. [NY Times]

Thinking he's the only man in New York who could pass gay marriage legislation, saying “I’m the main funder. You know, you can’t dictate every piece of legislation, and I don’t want to say that they’re bribable. But they know where I stand, and they want me to be a supporter.” [Gay City News]

Being forced to run against another old, white, lying rich man: Montgomery Burns. [NBC]

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