26 September 2009

Cobble Hill Tea Lounge to Close

In rather shocking news, word around South Brooklyn is that the always bustling Tea Lounge on Court Street in Cobble Hill is going to close. The stroller mom and laptop-user hangout only opened back in 2006 and has done a brisk traffic since then, though it tended to clear out in the evening hours (and who know how many coffees those keyboard malingerers actually bought). Also, one wonder how big an impact the newly opened, nearby Cafe Pedlar had on business.

When it will close its doors it uncertain. Some reports have said as early at Sept. 30, while a staff member started he was not certain when exactly it would shutter.

It's been a summer of news for the local Tea Lounge chain. The owner, Jonathan Spiel, closed the Park Slope Seventh Avenue location closed in July due to a hefty rent increase. Soon after, news spread that a Tea Lounge location at 41 Clark Street was being contemplated.

Perhaps there just isn't room in this borough for more than two Tea Lounges at a time.

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