17 September 2009

UA Cinema Death Trap: The Sequel!

Parents, do you love your children? People, do you like life? Yes? Then do not, under any circumstances, go to the UA Cinema on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights.

That statement may seem overblown, but I mean it sincerely. Do not go to this death trap, where the combination of a multi-story structure, an indolent staff and no evacuation procedure is a towering inferno just waiting to happen.

Last month I posted something about about the theatre's unacceptably lackadaisical response to a fire that started in a popcorn maker, causing the building to be filled with smoke and emptied of people. The staff ("I don't do fires") saved themselves first, and it was only by the grace of God that everyone else found their way out. I knew first hand about this incident because two friends and my son were in the theatre at the time. (Those friends have since sworn never to return to the movie house and I've informed my son that we will see films elsewhere from now on.)

Well, it's happened again, movie fans! The theatre had a small fire incident on Saturday. Guess where it started? The popcorn machine! Again the theatre filled with smoke and again everyone had to clear out. The incident did again fill the theater with smoke and force everyone to evacuate. Here's what someone who was at the theater related in a comment on Brownstoner:

About 15 minutes into the movie, the lights went on and the movie stopped. And then silence. Nobody from the theater came in, so someone decided to see what was going on. He came back and said there was a fire. We all made for the exits. Upstairs we could hear a faint alarm sound, but there were no employees directing us, no announcements, nothing.

Close this place down.

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Ed said...

I remember back when the theater opened it got a NIMBY response from the neighborhood. The older I get, the more understanding I get of NIMBY, in fact I'm in full BANANA mode, design and architecture practices are so bad that when a new project is announced I automatically assume it will turn out to be a blight on the city.