14 September 2009

Vote Tomorrow

I've toyed around for a couple months now with the idea of endorsing candidates in this election year. And, while my political views are apparent enough to anybody who reads this blog regularly, I'm not sure I'm want to render this site are regimentally partisan as that.

Still, I'll just reiterate that I am and remain a fan of Tony Avella. I believe he's the only chance we have this year for meaningful reform and change in City Hall. It's a shame the public and the press have not paid more attention to him. He's the only mayoral candidate with a shred of human decency and any principles to speak of.

As for the City Council elections, I would merely remind voters that anyone who voted to overturn term limits obviously has no respect for the citizens of New York, their rights or their votes. If you have a modicum of respect for yourself, don't vote them back in office.

The Council member who voted to allow a third term are:

Maria del Carmen Arroyo of the Bronx
Maria Baez of the Bronx
Leroy G. Comrie Jr. of Queens
Inez E. Dickens of Manhattan
Erik Martin Dilan of Brooklyn
Simcha Felder of Brooklyn
Lewis A. Fidler of Brooklyn
Helen D. Foster of the Bronx
Alan J. Gerson of Manhattan
Sara M. Gonzalez of Brooklyn
Robert Jackson of Manhattan
Melinda R. Katz of Queens
G. Oliver Koppell of the Bronx
Miguel Martinez of Manhattan
Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn
Michael C. Nelson of Brooklyn
Christine C. Quinn of Manhattan
Domenic M. Recchia Jr. of Brooklyn
Diana Reyna of Brooklyn
Joel Rivera of the Bronx
James Sanders Jr. of Queens
Larry B. Seabrook of the Bronx
Helen Sears of Queens
Kendall Stewart of Brooklyn
James Vacca of the Bronx
Peter F. Vallone Jr. of Queens
Albert Vann of Brooklyn
Thomas White Jr. of Queens
David Yassky of Brooklyn

In my own district, the 39th, there is not a City Council member to vote for or against, since it's a rare case of an open seat being sought by five Democratic candidates. (A couple Republicans, too, but, honestly, who cares?) I would merely point out that candidate Josh Skaller refused to accept donations from developers, and every other candidate followed him thereafter, and he has been steadfast in his insistence the Gowanus Canal get Superfund status. That's two strong stands on two major issues.

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