18 September 2009

Closed on 18th: Final Edition

For my last post this week on old businesses that have recently shuttered along the Bensonhurst artery of 18th Avenue (read about the others here, here and here), we looks at the deceased Stella's Diner, near 62nd Street.

A big establishment, with a "party room" in back, it closed some time ago, at least earlier than May. I can't say how old it was—not much info on this place—but the signage and counter inside bespeak of at least a 30 year run. The diner is also notable for its unusual neon signs, which remain in the window ("Sundaes," with each letter surrounded by a circle).


Anonymous said...

This place opened in the late 1980's. It was owned by the same family who for many years owned and operated "Tony & Theresa'a Magic Fountain"- Ice Cream Shop also on 18th Ave, several blocks away at 67th st. They also owned a Greeting Card Shop on the avenue at one time. I am not sure but it may have been a daughter who opened the diner. Another sign of changing times in old Bensonhurst.

That's My Block said...

Yes, this place was opened in the late 1980's but was NOT owned by the family who owned Tony & Theresa's Magic Fountian or Card Shop - - - TnT were good friends of the business owner and could be seen there often.
TnT sold the Ice Cream Store then BOUGHT the Card Shop from the Hallmark Store Owners who also owned the Card Store next to DiVinci. (In time they bought the building itself, too.)
When T&T sold the Ice Cream Store - however, they held the lease at the Ice Cream shop and took back the business once or twice in the early/mid '90's
One of the daughters married and opened thier own Ice Cream Shop next to Little Records which remained open for about 6 years.