02 September 2009

Armando's Looking Ready—But Where's the Lobster Sign?

Armando's, the Brooklyn Heights longtimer, which closed last year, then decided to reopen again, is looking almost ready to reopen.

New, cream-colored awning. Sleek outfittings inside, including a large white marble bar up near the front. A polished new image. But no sign of the lost neon lobster sign!! Did the Landmarks Commission kill it? Hey, I'm happy Armando's is coming back, but if there is no vestige of the place's long history, it seems like a hollow victory.


Margaret's dad said...

Um, Brooks?

The reinstallation of the lobster sign was killed by the Department of Buildings, not the Landmarks Preservation Commission. LPC had no say in it at all, once DoB spoke.

Way to insinuate that LPC killed the sign without having any clue what you're talking about.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Oh, the DOB is responsible! Well, that makes it all better. That makes the decision right. Jesus, the DOB is as corrupt and anti-preservation as the LPC.

Say, Margaret's Dad, is there anything about limp resignation to authority that you don't like?

Margaret's dad said...

Well, you're the one's been spending months irresponsibly blaming this whole situation on LPC without having the slightest idea of what you're talking about.

You were the one who called LPC "stupidity incarnate" and "run by dunderheaded idiots" for supposedly blocking the reinstallation of the sign, which of course, isn't what happened at all.

Say, Brooks of Sheffield, is there anything about NOT doing the slightest bit of research before unleashing your typical stream of ignorant, putrescent vitriol that you don't like?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Margaret's Dad: It's funny. Every time I write about the Armando lobster sign, some commenter comes out of the woodwork and attacks me relentlessly. Sometimes the commenter is called exvelveteen, sometimes Mr. Excitement, sometimes Margaret's Dad. Are you all perchance the same person?