17 September 2009

The Cotillion Is Over

Continuing with this week's unintentional theme of Closing Bensonhurst Businesses, here see the empty hull of the once mammoth Cotillion Terrace. As Forgotten New York has noted, the building was formerly the Senate Theatre, which opened in 1925 and closed, as a theater, in 1957. Now it's successor has died as well. Nice Martini glass on the awning.

Il Grottino, the restaurant belonging to this fades sign nearby also appears to have disappeared.


Anonymous said...

LOL, Those Martini glasses were part of an unfortunate 1980's renovation to the buildings facade which stripped whatever details remained from the old movie house exterior. In my opinion, this is no great loss. This tired second rate banquet hall had been on life support since the 1990's, having it's heyday in the 60's and 70's. It will be interesting to see if it winds up demolished or re-incarnated by a new demographic.

Unknown said...

Sad. I had my Junior High prom there.
It was pretty nice on the inside, all marble and crystal chandeliers with a spiral staircase.
Then again, it was years ago. I wonder what will happen to it now that Bensohurst is turning into an extension of Brooklyn's Chinatown.

Lou Garu said...

The Cotillion Terrace was an eyesore, and it made parking miserable for everyone who lived around it, as the Valets illegally put cars in our driveways constantly. Good riddance. They'll probably make it a Great Wall Supermarket like the old Fortway Theatre.