21 September 2009

A Good Sign: B & H Daily Lunch

On Second Avenue in the East Village. One of the last remnants of the old Yiddish neighborhood. A kosher dairy restaurant. Mushroom barley soup, blintzes and pierogi. Priceless.


Unknown said...

This was a family favorite from the 70's 'til now. Eating at that counter just brings back memories. First time I ever ate alone in public.

Norman Hathaway said...

to think they would turn into one of the world's largest camera retailers

great faded plastic

enodo said...

Food's not bad either. This place is right around the corner from the old Hebrew Actor's Guild building (quite a story there too) and evidently was a favorite of the old Yiddish actors.

Jackie said...

B&H is delicious! I used to live around there and go there all the time. Try the grilled cheese and you'll never be the sane again. The blintzes and the soups are also great. Luckily, it always seems to be pretty crowded, so hopefully there's not a danger of it going out of business.

Also, Paul's Place -- two or three doors north -- is also a gem.