04 November 2009

Bar Gone, Sign Still There

I would have liked to have gone to the Cypress Inn, on Stanhope Road in Ridgewood, Queens. But it appears to have disappeared some time ago, to judge by the look of the old, remaining sign, and the dry cleaner that now occupies the place.


Annie Dell'Aria said...

There's a similar thing on Broadway in Astoria with a Bowling Alley. It's pretty great - I think it's like a five-and-dime type of store now, but retains the facade and sign for the bowling alley.

Andrew Porter said...

There's still a sign on Lawrence Street in downtown Brooklyn, just east of Adams Street, where the neon has been removed, but the sign still says "AUTOMAT".

King Ning said...


It's Stanhope STREET, not Avenue. You're either not from New York or, you really don't pay much attention to street signs.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

SGI, if knowing it's Stanhope Street, not Stanhope Avenue, is a test for being a real New Yorker, we're all in trouble (except for the folks in Ridgewood, anyway).

Based on this and your last post, you've got some anger-management issue. Tone it down, Bud, or the Internet won't see your third comment.