29 November 2009

Holiday Boats Parade

I arrive at Fulton Ferry on my bike last night at 7 PM, just in time to see the Holiday Boat Parade. There were few New Yorkers there. Mainly Frenchmen, who wouldn't stop taking pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, and hardly noticed the boats.

I was a bit disappointed to see there were only four lighted boats. Thought there would be more. I took these not-great shots; best I could do. The above vessel was the lead boat.

This one almost forgot to turn around upon reaching the bridge. It actually went well under the bridge before making the turn. The lights on it switched from red to green to blue to gold.

You probably can't see, but this is a shot of two boats passing in close range of each other.

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BoatMechanic said...

This is really nice! I like boats