29 November 2009

Cheese Hamburger

When's the last time you saw a cheeseburger—perhaps America's favorite food—referred to as a "Cheese Hamburger."

At Sal's Pizzeria in Carroll Gardens.


Unknown said...

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a "Cheese Hambuger" today.

Brooklynbee said...

I love Sal's! Their pizza is consistently good (and they have "the best wings in town" as they always say), they don't screw up your order, they deliver promptly (and keep your address on file, so when you call from your regular phone, they know who you are), they are nice as can be, after you collect 10 magnets you get a free pizza... I could go on and on.
The first time I ever ordered delivery from them, the guy who answered the phone said "You never ordered from us before?" I replied, "No." He said, "Where you been?!!!"