16 November 2009

Rudy's Pastry Shop

Rudy's Pastry Shop, in Ridgewood, Queens, at 905 Seneca Avenue, looks new on the outside—at some point the owner modernized the facade—but the word "kondetorei" on the awning should tip you off that something special is inside.

Konditorei is the German word for a confectionery shop. And that's what you'll find inside. A nearly 80-year-old one, harking back to Ridgewood's German past. The interior is much more in keeping with the place's old world character. Lots of wood paneling. And a big "R" inlaid in the floor, from lord knows how many years ago. The shops wares are delectable. Buttery cookies, mini apple turnovers, Linzer torte and strudel. Friendly service, too. There's a single table if you care to eat your purchase there.

One question: If you possess a history and a storefront as rich as Rudy's, why cover the name on your door's threshold with a nasty old piece of carpet? You're Rudy's! Let the world know you're Rudy's.

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