17 November 2009

Shakespeare's Sister Becoming Nectar? And Other Neighborhood News

Shakespeare's Sister, the gift shop that sat on Court Street for nearly 15 years before closing in summer 2008, has been sitting empty for more than a year. But lately the storefront has been enveloped in plywood, a sure sign of progress. Now, the word on the street is that the people behind Nectar, the juice-ice cream-sandwich-whatsit place a little further north up Court, will be taking over the space. Our information is that is will be an oyster/beer bar/gastropub. The Nectar people also run Boca Lupa on Henry Street. Yet another mini Brooklyn food mogul!

Meanwhile, the former Bonafide Deli on the southwest corner of Henry and Baltic Streets in Cobble Hill, has been shuttered for much longer, with no sign of life for years. It seemed a waste. Such a prime location, right across the street from P.S. 29, where countless kids and parents pass every day, should have some purpose. Lately, the door has been open and the place has been gutted. Now, word comes that a sandwich joint will open there. Fine. But if I were a businessman, I'd open a candy shop/ice cream parlor. The kids wouldn't know what hit them.

Finally, on the northwest corner of Hicks and Degraw, right by the BQE, the words "Brooklyn Farms" have appeared above the door and inside there're bags of fertilizer and grow lights. Looks like an extension of those quixotic fellows who grow vegetables on the rooftops of Brooklyn.


Matthew said...

I love, love, love Nectar, but let's hope the new place is a bit quicker with the service!

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation for a candy/ice cream shop at the corner of Baltic and Henry.

There's already the other Bonafide on Kane and Hicks that makes sandwiches and a deli on Baltic btwn Henry and Hicks that does sandwiches. Seems a bit pointless.