01 November 2009

Best South Brooklyn Halloween Costumes 2009

It was another rousing Halloween in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill this year. The crowds were out in force by 4 PM and didn't abate until the rain came down at 8 PM. And the costumes were particularly good this year, I thought. Many homemade outfits, with a lot of thought put into them.

My favorite was this rolled-up copy of the New York Times. Maybe I'm just being sentimental, as I'm a newspaper man myself, but I thought it was wonderfully inventive and original. After all: what's more scary than the daily news!

You can't see it in the photo, but a headline on the back of the costume reads "Zombies Go For Bloomberg." Yeah! Damn right!

These three children dressed up as the Guggenheim, Whitney and New Museums. One senses some very self-consciously arty parents at work here. It's not like kids come home from school one day screaming, "Mom! Dad! I want to be the Whitney this year at Halloween!" My wife instigated a comical conversation when when she communicated to the father his disappointment in the architectural design of the New Museum. Not sure what the tiny trick-or-treater made of that.

And, finally, keeping up with the times is this tot, dressing as a grocery bag from Trader Joe's! Now, that's an outfit every Cobble Hill resident can recognize at 100 paces! And, bizarrely enough, the grocery bag is holding a grocery bag.

The costume is not completely accurate, however, if you consider the contents of the bag. I mean, who goes to Trader Joe's for

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