02 November 2009

What? Only No. 10?

No, but really, I was thrilled to see that the old Rat-Squirrel House, the abandoned Cobble Hill brownstone long chronicled in Lost City, made Curbed's 2009 Halloween list of "NYC's Top 11 Frightening Buildings."

Reads the intro:

We tried to stop it, but alas, we've got Halloween fever! An office discussion got us kicking around ideas on New York's most haunted buildings. Not the obvious ones, like Roosevelt Island's Smallpox Hospital ruins or the old Bellevue nuthouse—we're pretty sure ghosts actually inhabit those. We're talking more about the buildings that might just look scary, or mysterious, or mysteriously scary, or scarily mysterious. The ones people point out to each other as they pass by and say, "What the heck is going on in there?" We ended up with 11 and didn't have the heart—or guts—to cut one off the list, lest we risk an eternal curse.

Other fine choices on the list: the boho mansion 190 Bowery; Gowanus' old, neglected Coignet Stone Company building; Admiral's Row; and the Deutsche Bank Building

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