18 November 2009

Spring Street, Canyon of Lost Signs

My Lord, there is a heavy concentration of faded signs on the block of Spring Street between Sixth Avenue and Varick. Here's a view, looking east, in which you can see two of them at once, a huge vertical advertisement for what looks to be Garvin Machine Co., and a bigger, but much younger sign for Baldwin Belting, a Goodyear carrier. The latter sign dates from the 1940s.

Looking west from mid-block, meanwhile, you are entreated to patronize Thurston and Braidich. It doesn't say, but they were gum importers. That's right. Gum importers. The sign dates from 1902, according to Frank Jump.

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Frank Jump said...

Nice posting! Here's a shot I took in 1997 when I began the Fading Ad Campaign project. Cheers! Frank Jump