11 November 2009

It's Big. It's Black. It's Ready to Erupt

The American Eagle Outfitters flagship story in Times Square is getting ready for its opening day on Nov. 19. Workmen have made it mysterious-like, covering it in black. It looks positively monolithic, like something from "2001: A Space Odessey." Jesus. Who knows what's under that thing. It could be the unblinking electronic eye of Earth's new all-powerful totalitarian ruler.

According to material on the web, "The store design is completely new, featuring an eclectic combination of materials, from wood to brushed metal to polished concrete, as well as oversized subway tiles and custom lighting throughout. The rooms are more delineated, creating an intimate experience that optimally showcases the product and brand. Elements such as 15-foot ceilings and a 13-foot video wall add dramatic impact."

Yeesh. Business vocrapulary makes my skin crawl.

I say it's all a lie. I'm thinking: all-powerful unblinking eye. Do not look directly at it when they unveil the thing.

This is the corner where Howard Johnson's used to be, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! Never thought I'd miss HoJo's.

Andrew said...

Give the the fried clams any day.

EV Grieve said...

Simply horrible.

John said...

I work at the American Eagle Times Square location. The entire building is a LED screen, it's not a black cape.

Ed said...

I keep on waiting for someone to put up a building in this city that looks like Orthanc, Saruman's tower in the Lord of the Rings.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

But, John, I saw the working tugging and pulling at the black cloth. It did not seem like a solid thing, a part of the building. Are you saying it's going to just stay black like that?