13 November 2009

Cleverness, GOP Style

But, sir, it's actually the current health care set-up that leaves me "without Hope and just Change" in my pocket.

In a window in Carroll "Vote for Joe Nardiello" Gardens.

The things to know about Republicans is they love stupid wordplay. I know this having grown up with two GOP parents. They'll latch on to some simplistic catch phrase in which the meaning of some word is slightly twisted for effect and think it's the funniest, cleverest thing ever. You can take for granted that the guy who wrote that sign thinks its a work of linguistic genius, a bit of sparkling wit that will flatten any opposing arguments, while providing entertainment at the same time. Making fun of the concepts of Hope and Change—just hilarious, isn't it? It's about time that burst the bubble on those tired old ideas!

And, hey, what's with the "O" in Obama being a big eye. Is Obama Big Brother or something, watching all of us?


Dildock! said...

Ohhh, I see, only conservatives like slogans. Guess,"Yess we can!" passes for substantive political thought in the mind of the subintelligent left. It's interesting how your blog premise--the past must be preserved at all costs--is so regressively conservative, and yet you consistantly underscore your Brooklynese leftism. You possess no understanding of how New York's entrenched leftist ideology is driving much of the progress you lament. The best thing you ever wrote was "Progress=Crap." May I amend that to Progressivism=Crap? The socialism your jumbled mind thinks it desires tears down the beautiful old building (let's call it the Freedom & Constitution Building, built 1776 to 1787--sooo old!) and puts up in its place a shoddy piece of politbureau crap. Gee--I guess we conservatives do love simile, God we're awful. You good folks on the left should put us all in gulags! PS: Your post suggests a Mommy/Daddy issuue to overcome. Other than that, I really enjoy your blog, dildock.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I don't quite get you, Dildock. How is my "Brooklynese leftism" driving the progress I lament. As far as I can see, the tear-em-down-put-em-up unbridled, unsupervised development is driven by good old fashioned, blinkered capitalism, driven by our really-a-Republican mayor and his like-minded mogul friends. Please elaborate (in milder language, please).

Also, we've already seen lots of socialism in our government over the past year. Only, so far, it's all for the rich and corporate.

If you're sincere in saying you like the blog, I thank you.

Kabuki Kitsune said...

The O thing looks to be a black and white (as best as the author can do) rendition of that funky O that the President had plastered on that plane he was flying around in during the campaign. I liked the page and blog for it's history RIGHT up until you brought politics in it. So that's it, I'm out and never coming back. I come to places like this for history and urban archaeology, not to read some rant about political ideals.

Anonymous said...

In a window in Carroll "Vote for Joe Nardiello" Gardens... we should be so lucky. What would your reaction be, to learn that Joe Nardiello was a true Progressive? a member of the NAACP? park slope food coop? that launched a grassroots effort to topple not one, but both major parties, quite possibly sparked by the Obama campaign? he beat the GOP only to be branded, as you have here.. in some dopey way. One slogan for you: only the faces change (when you think small).