03 January 2010

Comment of the Day

Yet another heartfelt remembrance of the late, great Giambelli restaurant, from Jackie:

i am truly heartbroken.....i was sending a link to a friend's parents visiting new york for the first time when i stumbled across your website. my father was closely acquainted with the charming and always gracious frank giambelli. my family spent many wonderful evenings there. mr g even named a dish after my father! one of my fondest memories is a dinner there in 1995 with my german boyfriend, new to the states. we ordered strawberries with canoli cream and mr g went up to his own apartment upstairs for the strawberries since the kitchen was out of them.......boy, was jen's impressed. he broke up with me shortly after that, but that's another story....lol....but wow, no giambelli....this is very, very, upsetting. the destruction of ny landmarks has unfortunately become all too common in recent years. i was quite upset by the demise of one of my favorite west village restaurants about 6 months ago-the minetta tavern on minetta lane. sad, sad, sad. but i do thank you for your blog and moving tribute to what in my opinion was the best restaurant in new york owned by one of new york's finest gentlemen.

The closing of Giambelli has obviously not gotten press coverage commiserate with it's place in the hearts of the City's citizens.

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