03 April 2007

Bloomberg Doesn't Like to Regulate Your Life, Except When He Does

Mayor Bloomberg, who is as fickle as cat at dinnertime when it comes when he decides to butt into your life, has decided the City shouldn't tell baseball fans whether to use metal bats or wooden bats, and will veto a bill banning metal bats from high schools. Since Gothamist expressed the irony of this stance perfectly, I will just quote from them:

The Mayor said, "I don’t know whether aluminum bats are more dangerous or less dangerous...I have had friends who are professional baseball players call me and argue both ways, but I don’t think it’s the city’s business to regulate that." Ha! What is the Mayor talking about? The city loves to regulate stuff (transfats! the noise a Mr. Softee truck makes! smoking!).

What an ass. Either he has a complete lack of self-knowledge, or he is deeply disingenuous. Maybe both! Anyway, the City Council will most likely override the veto.

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