01 April 2007

Scenes from Totonno's

I usually cap my visits to Coney Island with a visit to Totonno's pizzeria, and opening day 2007 was no exception. The pizza was great and quickly turned out, as usual. Owner Louise Ciminieri was curt and grumpy, as usual. I arrived just at the right time, around 1 PM, for ten minutes later all the tables were filled and there was a largish, none-too-pleased mob outside waiting for food. I took a few shots while waiting for my small plain pie.

Reviews of this place always emphasize the pizza, saying the shop offers nothing in the way of atmosphere. For my money, these image give the lie to that assertion. Modern pizzerias kill themselves trying to duplicate old-school decor like this.

1 comment:

Marc said...

Boy, that pizza looks good. I hope to hit Totonno's this weekend, as I will be at a party in nearby Kensington.