13 April 2007

Lost City: Chicago Edition: Hoi-Polloi Say Goodbye to a Couple Good Ones

The Berghoff Memorial Blog continues its litany of Windy City woe, noting the closure of two blue-collar havens: White Sox bar Jimbo's and German meat house Delicatessen Meyer.

The latter is just the sort of meat and potatoes institution you expect to find in Chicago. It's been in the Lincoln Park neighborhood since 1954. The butchers spoke German, and sold bratwurst and pototo salad. Apparently, the Koetke family, who owned it for many years, sold Meyer to Hans Liebl, and Liebl didn't do so well. The deli is in foreclosure.

Meanwhile, Jimbo's is a Bridgeport institution where White Sox fans hang out. The owners claimed they had an oral agreement with the landlord to stay put, but a Cook County Circuit Judge found otherwise. So Jimbo's must close April 30. Geez, how can you force a place called Jimbo's to close? C'mon guys! It's Jimbo!

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