28 April 2007

Chumley's Fans Now Have Own Website

Someone, on April 26, posted the first item of a new blog called Saving Chumley's, which is dedicated to the cause of, what else?, saving Chumley's, the one-of-a-kind former speakeasy that is in danger of extinction due to a collapsed chimney and a ruthless landlord.

Now, I love this person, whoever he or she may be, and I wish them well. Their heart is in the right place and, God knows, they're fighting the right fight.

BUT, I hope they'll put some teeth in the blog real soon. Either they are naive in the extreme or do not wish to make waves, but early on they express their belief that
"it is going to re-open" (I wish I was so confident). Then they send out some words of sympathy to the landlord: "This is obviously extremely financially taxing to the owners." They may be referring to the owners of Chumley's. I don't know. But I think it's fair guess that the owners of Chumley's are not the ones laying out the dough to fix the joint. That would be the owner of the BUILDING, Margaret Streicker Porres, a landlord of bad reputation and the one who let the building fall into disrepair. As far as how much this is financially taxing her, I'd say she's holding up under the strain. Her dad is Richie Rich and she is a chip off the old block. She has the money to do this fix-up job ten times over, and, what's more, she should have done it ages ago. It's not a burden. It's her duty!

So, Save Chumley's, if you really want to help, know what your fight is, and who you're fighting. She's a Goliath and you won't beat her—and thus save Chumley's—until you land that rock right between her eyes.

Now—get out there and post!!!

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