27 April 2007

Latest Brooklyn Inn Update: Pool Table, No; New Brews, Yes

Recent posts here and elsewhere have apparently provoked the rapid devotion some bear for The Brooklyn Inn and its cherished Old Time Taverniness.

New info furnished to Eater.com claims the the new owners of the Inn are those same who own the Tile Bar(s) and the Magician. According to the tipster:

They're getting rid of the pool table and putting more tables in, but other than that it shouldn't change too much (some staff turnover, maybe different beers/specials/prices). We were at the Tile Bar in 1st Ave. last night and asked the bartender there and she confirmed this to be true.

Well, that doesn't sound too bad. Although, the red velvet pool table, tucked into the dimly lit back room, does present an stirring portrait of Hopperesque urban loneliness not to be missed.

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