05 April 2007

New Sign at Katz's

This may be old news, but Katz's Delicatessen on Houston Street has a new sign on the corner of its low-rise building. I'm talking about the red letters that spell of Katz's vertically just above the entrance. Passing by, it looked different to me, so I went in and asked. Sure enough, the old sign was replaced last year. You can see the old sign in this postcard below. The letters were raised on that one and, to me, it's much more appealing. Still, the new one's not bad.

By the way, Katz's now has a very official-looking security guard in a crisp blue uniform handing out the meal tickets just inside the door. Very imposing. He said he had begun work only two months ago. That's about the time that loutish actor accused the Katz's staff of roughing him up and threatened all kinds of legal action. Not that the two events are connected. I'm just saying...

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