26 April 2007

Bloomberg Sez: Fix That Pool, Fix That Bridge

While I'm not so crazy about the news that The Brooklyn Inn is going from beer joint to bistro, I like this report on Curbed.com. Mayor Bloomberg, who's got Green on the brain, plans to fix up some outer borough landmarks that need some fixin' up.

Reports Curbed.com:

First up is the High Bridge, the pedestrian walkway that connects Manhattan and the Bronx, which has been closed since the '60s. Starting in 2008, the High Bridge will get a $65 million facelift in advance of a reopening. Very cool, but not as shocking as what's in store for McCarren Pool. Two years from this summer and $50 million later, McCarren Pool will be a pool again, albeit at one-third its current size.

Good moves, both. Can you imagine swimming in McCarren? And walking from the Bronx to Manhattan? Mind-blowing.

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