24 April 2007

Don't Try to Remember

By the looks of it, the condo tower known as 181 Sullivan Street—and built on top of the bones of the old Sullivan Street Playhouse, for decades home to "The Fantasticks"—is about ready to open it doors (as much as the doors of such a place are open to the likes of you and me). There's still work to be done, but it can't be long now.

If you want in (that is, if they're not all already sold), these "Five fantastic condominium residences" (as they've been rather callously advertised) will set you back $2.25 million.

While, all things considered, I'd rather have the Playhouse back, I have to admit the new structure isn't atrocious and does an OK job fitting in the surrounding area. This block of Sullivan, between Bleecker and Houston, is one of the loveliest in the city. The row of identical, brick, Greek Revival townhouses on the west side of the street are all painted in different subdued colors, from light pink to gray to pale yellow. (See below.) It gives off the effect of a street in Bermuda or some port town in the Mediterranean. Just plain lovely.

Lotsa history here. Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia was born at 177. Robber Baron Jay Gould lived at 179. Now, famous and rich folks live here, like Anna Wintour.


Sam said...

This is a great blog for those of us who are sick of the destruction of what made NYC the center of the world. I too am saddened by what I see around me. Many an afternoon was spent at the Brooklyn Inn on the corner of Hoyt & Bergen, but now that's closing too.
I am linking your blog on mine, http://thedailypube.blogspot.com.
Keep up the good work!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the words, man. It's a hard job and I don't relish it. But someone's got to sound out. Glad there are other people who feel the same. As for the Brooklyn Inn--I didn't even know, and I am freaking out!

Anonymous said...

I can understand that some people do not like but I love it!And quite frankly I think that it looks much better than other modern building situated on that block (I believe that it is 177 sullivan,not sure). I also know all the apartments at 181 are sold.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

All sold? Well, I'm just going to have to go elsewhere with my $2.25 million, then.