13 April 2007

Some Guy Wants to Save the Moondance Diner

There's an impassioned diner lover out there who's desperate to save the currently doomed Soho-based Moondance Diner, which has a date with the wrecking ball in May. He's looking for a moneyman to pick up the place, lock, stock and barrel, and move it somewhere else where the real estate market isn't so condo-crazy. He claims to be in cahoots with the American Diner Museum, which is an actual entity, but not one with an actual physical reality. It hopes to call Providence, Rhode Island home one day.

This from the diner website: "The Museum hosts conferences (Diner-Rama) across the country to increase awareness of diners, to bring together diner enthusiasts, and to share the plans and progress of the Museum. The most recent Diner-Rama was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June 2001."

Now, I wholly support these preservationist souls in their mission. Nonetheless, I find the above quote completely hilarious. The Museum collection to date includes such things as: historical photographs, menus, matchbook covers, postcards, trade magazines, ashtrays and diner promotional items. But not one actual diner! So, the acquisition of the Moondance who be a boon.

I'd love to help these guys, but the tragedy of my life is I don't have the do-re-mi to preserve all the stuff I'd like to. Only rich dumbfucks have that jack, and, being dumbfucks, they just want to use it to tear good stuff down and put up cash-generating jerrybilt crapola.

Anyway, the man's post offers some illuminating details about the Moondance. It's NYC's oldest extant diner. Dates from 1933. "The diner was renovated over time, but retains several original and distinctive elements; chrome detailing, a 1920's barrel roof ceiling, wrap-around windows, counter & stools, and retro signage." Good to know.

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