16 April 2007

Sherry-Lehmann Wines on the Move

Sherry-Lehmann, one of the oldest wine stores in Manhattan, and certainly one of the most high-falutin', is moving from its longtime location at 679 Madison Avenue to the northeast corner of 59th and Park. Same tony neighborhood, same ritzy clientele.

I looked at the new location. The Art Deco storefront has been empty for some time. Last thing I remember being in there was a high end shoe store. Work is underway, but much more work needs to be done if they're to meet their move deadline of August 2007. The new space will apparently have a 4,000 square foot cellar that will provide 2,000 square feet of wine storage, allowing the company to bring in some of its vino thats in storage in (!) Greenpoint. $1.5 million worth of wine will be on the move. (Will it get a police escort?)

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