08 April 2007

Chumley's, After the Fall

After the horror of last Thursday, when a collapsed chimney shut down Little Olde New York bar royale Chumley's, I had to visit the scene of the crime.

On an Easter Sunder, with a few lonely April snowflakes floating on the wind, the scaffolding-encased building was a plaintive sight. The entrance door, which famously bears no name but only the number "86," had been removed and the cavity was covered with plywood. A pile of no-doubt very old bricks sat nearby. Close by was a very intriguing, rusted metal object which looked to be an ancient fireplace grate (from the ruined chimney?). I tried to pick it up; it must have weighed 200 pounds at least. If it really is from the fireplace inside, it shouldn't be sitting out on the street where any common thief could take it.

While I stood there, several tourists, including some Germans, sauntered by, obviously intent on visiting the famous Chumley's. The were befuddled when confronted with the roped-off mess. Some took pictures anyway.

Based on the most recent reports, Chumley's will reopen in 30 to 60 days. I hope so, put the powerful metal braces on the sides of the building did not fill me with confidence.

Regulars who are lonesome for Chumley's during their diaspora might want to check out this previous post for solace.

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