10 March 2008

Doctor, My Eyes

Oh, this is insufferable.

Seemingly overnight, Capital One is no longer a credit card in many New Yorkers' wallets. It's a bank, with branches friggin' everywhere!

The moneylending giant took over North Fork Bank, I have now learned. On March 10. But I began to see the signs March 9. The workmen must have brought them in under cover of darkness. Funny, I never really used to notice those forest-green North Fork signs much. But the Capital One signs stand out like beacons. They look just like the logo on the credit cards—which, if you get a monthly bill from these guys, is enough to make you flinch. So, great. Now, not only does the company regularly screw me on fees and finances charges, but they deface my surroundings.

This also leads us to another important question. In 21st century America, must all major banks begin with a "C"? Chase, Citibank, Commerce, Capital One. Watch your back, Bank of America!


Anonymous said...

So it's not just me. Frankly, I didn't know what the hell was happening in the city that I saw all these Capital One Banks, but I do know that it better provide incentives to those of us who are their customers. Otherwise, there's just no reason for this madness.

Erica said...

I tell you, after seeing this abortion of justice, plus your post on lintels, and dozens upon dozens of others (a Starbucks in the Waldorf, was it?), I really, really truly do feel your pain.

I live in Sheepshead Bay and my once unique fishing community of a hometown is being swallowed alive by condos and chain banks and cell phone stores.

When I read your blog, I feel a combined sense of solace and solidarity mixed with an aching, ominous doom.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the note, Erica. I guess that's the unavoidable mix of emotions this blog would incite. People often write me and tell me my ongoing narrative often depresses them. That's understandable. It depresses me. But that's not my intention in writing it. My intention is that people who can do something about the raping of our culture will sit up and notice, and maybe lift a finger to stop it. Also, to notify readers that something irrevocable and awful is happening to our city, even if the "legitimate" press declines to report on it sufficiently, or take some kind of stand on the issue. To me, Bloomberg's legacy will not be a well-run city, or smoke-free and trans-fat-free restaurants, or a greener city. It will be what we see all around us, and what we see ain't pretty. It will be feckless overdevelopment.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but I've just got to comment...

The Starbuck's in the Waldorf is one of my favorite only-in-New-York places - the pastry case is filled by the hotel bakery, so everything is much much better than the homogenized stuff they have at their other 140,000 locations.