13 March 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting

These photos of the inside of Admirals' Row are not to be missed. Ruins have rarely been so romantic.

The City tells Clarett to stop whatever it is they're doing at 340 Court Street.

There is no such thing as good Brooklyn mail service.

This pompous jerk , for giving $100 mil to the New York Public Library, will get his stupid name chiseled on the flagship Fifth Avenue building.


Erica said...


It said in the story you linked to, though, that the Library actually offered to rename the branch.

What I don't understand is, after the Landmarks Commission approves this, it won't nullify the Astor / Tilden / Lenox names in the facade, will it?

The whole thing bugs me. Hopefully the commission will put its foot down.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You're right, or course, Erica. My phrasing made it seem that the rich guy demanded the name. But he certainly could have refused the offer made by the library, and given the money anyway, because it was the right thing to do. I long for the old days when tycoons gave money to civic institutions anonymously, and didn't need to see their name on some entranceway, alcove, proscenium, wing or whatsit.

Jenn said...

Not exactly a landmark/preservationist comment, but just wanted to point out that the NYPL system includes Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library (and those boro's residents) get bupkis.

Anonymous said...

I usually agree with most of things you say but I disagree with your opinion of the so called "jerk". I'm all for someone giving money to a library, it is one of the last places people with little to no money can go and get educated, get on the interent or just find a moment of quiet. If the guy puts his name on it who cares. At least he's not tearing the library down to put his name on a glass condo.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Point taken, Jason.