30 March 2008

Some Things That Are Kinda Depressing

Why are such things built? I mean, seriously. Why?

An old Depression-era movie house named the Polk was torn down in Jackson Heights. Not the Roxy or the Strand or the Thalia. The Polk. What? Was it named after the President?

The Toll Brothers are at it again. You read it here first: Won't Ever Happen.

Trusting Cleaners is gone for good. Welcome, whatever crap the greedy landlord lets come in next!


Anonymous said...

Polk Theater was built on Polk Ave.... named for the president only indirectly.

Tim said...

The Polk had apparently become an adult theater. People still go to adult theaters? Really? Have they heard of the Internet? Are they taking Cybil Sheppard on a date?

Anonymous said...

my girlfriend and i checked out the polk. the interior was beautiful. and the handful of lascivious old men were charming in a way.


Queens Crapper said...

The Polk Theatre is part of film history with its deco delight