06 March 2008

Lost City in the News

Recently, I was interviewed by George Bodarky, an intrepid and friendly reporter (and assistant news director) at WFUV 90.7 FM, the Public Radio station that's run out of Fordham University in the Bronx. We stood outside the closed doors of the Brooklyn Inn in Boerum Hill and I yammered on quite a bit about the City, what I cherished about it and what I thought it was losing in the current development boom.

I don't remember much what I said, so I'm probably going to tune in on Saturday morning at 7:30 AM to listen in on the interview. You're welcome to, too. The piece will be part of a weekly program they have there called "Cityscape," which runs a half hour until 8 AM.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a podcast of the interview? 7:30 on Saturday morning is a little early for most of us.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

The station will indeed podcast the interview and I will link to it if my Luddite noggin can figure out how to.

Anonymous said...

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