15 March 2008

Market Diner May Return

The death of Manhattan's classic diners will be stemmed a bit in a couple months when the owners of the Cosmic Diner (at Eighth and 52nd) take over the Market Diner at 43rd and 11th. The Market, a neighborhood staple since 1962, shut down in 2006, causing many a cabbie to cry. (The place had parking.)

The new owner, James Athanasopoulos, told the New York Times, "We’re making it a little bit more upscale, and will maybe have a little bar on site. We’ll probably get rid of the parking, unfortunately." Instead, he'll put in outdoor seating. Seems like an acceptable compromise to keep the place alive.

Pictures courtesy of New York Architectural Images, including the cool one below of the way it looked back in the day.

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