26 March 2008

Waverly Restaurant to Get New Sign

Those who know Greenwich Village know the old Waverly Diner, at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Waverly Place. And those that know the Waverly Diner, known its iconic neon sign, which hangs out at a diagonal at the intersection of aforementioned streets.

Well, no sign lasts forever, I guess. I was passing down Waverly Place when I saw the diner's famous neon beacon lying grounded on the sidewalk, its tubes and lettering twisted and falling apart. Little of the neon that read "Steaks Chops Seafood" was left. It was a huge chunk of metal and glass, about three feet by six. I went into the diner to ask what's up. They said the restaurant would be getting a new neon sign, but that it would be very similar in appearance to the old one. Good to known they've got a healthy respect for their own history.

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