18 March 2008

Landmarks Commission Found in a Giving Mood

The Real Deal reports that today's meeting of the Landmarks Commission went well for the following properties and proposals:

*The East Village music venue Webster Hall.

*The synagogue Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Anshe on E. 7th Street.

*Elizabeth Home for Girls on E. 12th Street.

*The Free Public Baths of the City of New York on E. 11th Street.

*The Allerton House on E. 39th Street.

*1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, including both the tower and the plaza, will be considered for landmark designation.

*The Fiske Terrace-Midwood Park historic district in Flatbush, which "includes about 250 houses, most of which were developed in 1914 by two prominent builders, the T.B. Ackerson Company and John R. Corbin Company."

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