22 March 2008

The Peek-a-Boo Cornice

Some brownstone owner in Carroll Gardens apparently feels they need an extra set of windows. And so they installed a row of three small sliding openings in the cornice of their home. They look like those little open-and-shut peepholes you see on speakeasy doors in the movies. Could some sort of espionage work be going on up there? A police sting operation aimed at the brownstone across the street? Is an unwanted, possibly crazy relative locked up there, "Jane Eyre"-like.

The same style is in evidence in the brownstone next door. Strange.


epc said...

Wonder if those windows are big enough to qualify the space as a bedroom under NYC housing laws?

While those look new (and odd), I've seen similar, more 1880s-contemporary windows in brownstones on Hicks and on Willow in Brooklyn Heights. You'll also see very short, wide windows in the back, especially on the mansard-roofed brownstones.

J.C. said...

Those are for spying on bloggers.