17 March 2008

Lost City Asks "Who Goes There?"

Beginning today, I will be contributing an occasional feature to Eater.com called "Who Goes There?"

As the site puts it, in the feature I "crack the doors on mysteriously enduring Gotham restaurants—unsung, curious neighborhood mainstays with the dusty, forgotten, determined look—to learn secrets of longevity and find out, who goes there?"

My first inspection looks at Tout Va Bien, an ancient French bistro in the theatre district. The best part of this new gig is it will lead me to finally experience old New York restaurants that have perplexed and intrigued me for years.

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Anonymous said...

I just walked by there last week on my way to a friend's apartment and had that same exact thought, "Why have I never been in this place? It has been here forever!" Rene Pujol on the same block recently closed after 38 years. Le Veau D'or near Bloomies is a another holdover I've get to try. I have been to Chez Napoleon on W 50th, which is fun and hasn't changed in many decades.