27 March 2008

Well Whaddaya Know?!

Quote from the New York Sun via Curbed:

New York City is struggling more and more to house the students, researchers, professors, and medical residents at its worldclass education and health care centers, and the shortage of professional housing could threaten the quality of the institutions they serve, institutional leaders and real estate executives familiar with the industry say.

Gosh. I guess catering only to rich people and their housing needs actually doesn't work that well for the City in the long run! "

What's that honey? Choking on your foie gras sandwich with white truffles and need medical attention right away? Sorry—the hospitals have all shut down and moved to Pennsylvania. No, Junior can't help you. He doesn't know how to do anything but use his credit cards and watch television because no teachers can afford to live in New York anymore. Sure I can call the police. They should be here in 45 minutes; the nearest cop lives in Paterson. But cheer up! Mayor Bloomberg just called. He wanted to let us know that Con Ed, the DOB and the MTA are doing a great job. Hey—what happened to the lights?"

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Anonymous said...

Yes yes. Where will we go?